💡How to install ClarityWrite

We are sure you have ClarityWrite zip file


First you need to unzip the ClarityWrite file you downloaded and upload the contents of ClarityWrite folder to your server root, usually /path/to/www/ or /path/to/html/ or /path/to/public_html/.

Follow the all steps

  • Step 1: Go to Cpanel and create database, Create a user and add user in your DB

  • Step 2: Import DB from ClarityWrite/db in your database

  • Step 3: Open Cpanel terminal and run cmd: composer update

Open your site in the browser.

It will redirect to /install directory (like http://mysite.com to http://mysite.com/install.php)

  • Step 4: Enter all basic details in form and click next

  • Step 5: Enter DB details in form and click next

  • Step 6: After receiving the "DB Installed" message, proceed to the next step. If there are any issues, return to resolve them before moving forward.

  • Step 7: Installation done

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